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Jeffrey and Patricia Spencer will be working at Tell Buweib for the EES Delta Survey in March/April 2014 and Patricia will be posting regular updates here.

Further information on the Egypt Exploration Society’s Delta Survey, which is funded by a grant from the British Academy, can be found at



Kom el-Daba. Another building and good company!

Many of the tells of the Nile Delta have house plans visible on their surfaces – as we had noted at Kom Ineizi on our visit two days ago. These are most visible when sites are flat and clear of surface debris or have relatively low mounds, but even on a site like Daba which has steep high mounds and areas covered in red-brick fragments, there are house plans visible in places. The mud-brick wall we found at the south end of our trench yesterday is the northern wall of a room which could be seen before excavation.

The walls of a room of another building, south of the town house, visible on the surface before excavation.

This morning we first of all asked our workmen to scrape carefully across the extended trench to show the walls and the fill between them more clearly. Even though the basic positions of the walls are known in advance, they still need to be defined accurately by excavation as the brickwork visible on the surface may include bricks fallen off the wall and lying beside it. Once the faces of the wall have been defined, then the interior fill of the room is taken down a few centimetres.

Defining the interior of the room.

In this instance the inner faces of the walls were fairly straightforward but the outer faces (much more prone to damage and wear) are proving harder to define and will need more work tomorrow.

Investigating the outer face of the eastern wall.

Kafr es-Sheikh is obviously THE place to be now – Penny Wilson arrived this afternoon to start her EES Delta Survey work at sites north of Daba and also to undertake a survey of Tell Mutubis, funded as an Amelia Edwards Project, by donations from EES members and a few hours later Chris Naunton and Faten Saleh arrived here to visit (tomorrow) our work and Penny’s, after they had spent a morning at Quesna with the EES team, led by Joanne Rowland This evening we all went for a good meal, and lots of catch-up talk, at the fish restaurant near our hotel

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