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Jeffrey and Patricia Spencer will be working at Tell Buweib for the EES Delta Survey in March/April 2014 and Patricia will be posting regular updates here.

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Kom el-Daba. Visit of Chris and Faten.

This morning Chris and Faten taxied from their hotel to ours and came with us in our car to Daba. Once we arrived Jeff described the site and the excavation which today was concentrating on defining the outer edges of the room on which we were working yesterday.

Jeff describing the excavation of the town house to Chris.

Chris on top of the world – well, on top of the mud-brick of the town house!

We only worked half a day today at Daba and after second breakfast we drove, with our Inspector Magda, north about 25km to visit a tell called Nashwein which Penny Wilson is surveying for the EES. Chris did sterling service (courtesy of Googlearth) navigating along bumpy roads and across steep bridges over canals.

Chris navigating on the way to Nashwein.

On arrival we met Penny and her Inspector, Heydi, and walked around and over the site which is very impressive and over a kilometre in length. It has two high mounds with a lower central area.

View of Nashwein.

Jeff and Penny wondering why someone has dug a hole about four metres deep into one of the mounds at Nashwein.

Faten and Penny.

At the end of a very successful visit one of the site guards kindly took a photograph of us all.

From left to right: Magda, Chris, Patricia, Jeff, Faten, Heydi and Penny.

After returning to Kafr es-Sheikh for something to eat, Chris and Faten left about 4pm to drive to Tanta for an overnight stay before going on tomorrow to visit the Tell Basta mission and we went to fill up with petrol at our usual garage which was being besieged by trucks, pick-ups and men carrying jerry-cans as they had just had a delivery of diesel which is in short supply here at the moment. With much shouting on the part of those ‘helping’ us, Jeff managed to get the car to the petrol pump which was (of course) behind the diesel ones and beyond the massed trucks and lorries, and we were eventually able to fill our tank.

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