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Jeffrey and Patricia Spencer will be working at Tell Buweib for the EES Delta Survey in March/April 2014 and Patricia will be posting regular updates here.

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Kom el-Daba. Foggy morning – hot day.

When we’re driving to Daba every morning our first stop is at the bus station in Kafr es-Sheikh where our Inspector, Magda, arrives from Disuq, where she lives, by local taxi. The bus station is always very busy with microbuses and the local white and yellow taxis diving in from all directions and stopping and starting without notice. Today it was even harder to see what was happening as there was a thick fog, which lasted for all our drive to the site – the low visibility made negotiating obstacles such as holes in the road or high speed bumps even trickier than usual!

The taxis at the bus station in the fog.

Fortunately the sun burned the fog way not long after we arrived at the site and we then had our warmest day so far – even feeling a bit too hot at times! Today we started investigating the stratigraphy of the area excavated and digging deeper between the walls to try to find their foundation levels.

Jeff making notes on brick sizes in the two houses.

On our return journey after the end of work we had to do a U-turn just after we’d gone through Riyad as the road was totally blocked by lorries and trucks waiting for diesel at a garage. Cars in front of us were turning around and going back the way we had come so we did the same. Fortunately we know another route back to Kafr es-Sheikh though it meant we had to go all the way back to Riyad and along its very busy main street which we usually avoid. The diesel shortages are obviously causing a lot of problems now – especially for commercial vehicles.

This evening we met again with Dr Assayed el-Banna of Kafr es-Sheikh Museum to talk about arrangements for Jeff’s lecture on Saturday morning at Mansura University. In addition to the lecture, at which they are expecting around 250 people, Jeff is also, apparently, going to be opening an exhibition and being interviewed by Delta TV.

The official invitation to Jeff’s lecture on Saturday.

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