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Jeffrey and Patricia Spencer will be working at Tell Buweib for the EES Delta Survey in March/April 2014 and Patricia will be posting regular updates here.

Further information on the Egypt Exploration Society’s Delta Survey, which is funded by a grant from the British Academy, can be found at



Kom el-Daba. Day off work

Jeff has finished preparing the talk which he is giving at Mansura University tomorrow and, since we only have three more working days on site, he’s also started writing the short end-of-season report to give to the SCA before we leave. Otherwise, there isn’t much to report as we’ve just been doing our usual Friday chores. We went out for a walk this morning when the streets were quiet with very little traffic and most of the shops shuttered and closed.

A normally very busy Kafr es-Sheikh street on a Friday morning.

The weather was lovely today – sunny and warm - and we spotted several cats basking in the sun but when I crept up on them to take their photograph, they started slinking off in different directions!

Camera-shy cats.

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