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Jeffrey and Patricia Spencer will be working at Tell Buweib for the EES Delta Survey in March/April 2014 and Patricia will be posting regular updates here.

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Kom el-Daba. Day in Mansura

We’re back in Kafr es-Sheikh after an amazing day in Mansura, which started when we left our hotel at 9.00 in a microbus with Dr Assayed El-Banna, his wife Rahab, our Inspector Magda and ten other SCA colleagues, and arrived at the Faculty of Arts at Mansura University about 10.30.

The courtyard of the Faculty of Arts with replica statues.

Banner announcing Jeff’s lecture in the courtyard.

We were given a very warm welcome and invited into a salon where I was presented with a lovely bouquet of flowers and we sat around chatting to people and drinking tea.

Amira El-Morsy, Curator of the Mansura Museum, Professor Randa Baligh of Mansura University and Patricia with her flowers!

On leaving the salon, we followed two students dressed in pharaonic costume in a slow procession across the courtyard to a new training facility for Egyptology students where Jeff cut the ribbon for its ‘soft-opening’. The display contains replicas of genuine antiquities and also models made by young students of Egyptian temples, the Coptic Cathedral in Cairo and renowned mosques, including that of Ibn Tulun in Cairo and the Great Mosque at Mecca.

Following our guides.

The two students dressed in pharaonic costume.

Jeff cutting the ribbon.

Inside the exhibition.

We then moved on to the lecture theatre which was already full when we arrived, and welcoming speeches were made by Dr Mohammed Ghoneim, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Dr Ahmed Mansour, Director of the Kafr es-Sheikh Museum, and Dr Nehed Kamel el-Din and Professor Randa Baligh, both of Mansura University. Jeff was presented with a commemorative plate by Dr Ghoneim.

Patricia and Jeff with Dr Mohammed Ghoneim.

The audience for Jeff’s lecture.

Jeff, Dr Ghoneim and Professor Randa Baligh who translated Jeff’s talk into Arabic.

Jeff talked about the EES Delta Survey, then our work for the British Museum at Tell el-Balamun and finally our current EES fieldwork at Kom el-Daba. After the talk there were a lot of interesting questions, both from students at the University and colleagues from Mansura, Kafr es-Sheikh, Cairo and elsewhere in Egypt.

Jeff’s closing slide.

Question time.

We then all returned to the salon where Jeff (with Randa translating again) was interviewed by Delta TV.

Jeff and Randa during the interview.

The day ended with a very welcome Egyptian meal at the police club on the Nile corniche in Mansura, before we returned to Kafr es-Sheikh in the microbus, arrving back just as the sun was setting.

We would both like to thank all our colleagues at Kafr es-Sheikh Museum and Mansura University for the very warm welcome they gave us and for such a successful day. Special thanks are due to Randa for translating Jeff’s talk and the interview, to Mohammed Beltagi who took care of many of the practicalities and, especially, to Dr Assayed El-Banna who first suggested Jeff give a talk during our season and who arranged for it to be held at Mansura University. We are very grateful to them all for their hospitality.

Jeff and Dr Assayed El-Banna in the courtyard of the Faculty of Arts at Mansura University

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