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Jeffrey and Patricia Spencer will be working at Tell Buweib for the EES Delta Survey in March/April 2014 and Patricia will be posting regular updates here.

Further information on the Egypt Exploration Society’s Delta Survey, which is funded by a grant from the British Academy, can be found at



Kom el-Daba. Visitors, mobiles, donkeys and TV.

We had a visit this morning from Dr Assayed El-Banna and his colleagues from the Kafr es-Sheikh Museum whom we had met on Saturday when we went to Mansura. Jeff described the site in general and our current excavation. We were still tracing the line of the northern face of the house so he also demonstrated defining the wall and how to make the bricks show more clearly. Dr Assayed translated Jeff’s descriptions into Arabic.

Jeff describing the work.

Dr Assayed el-Banna translating.

After cold drinks, generously provided by the site guards, our guests left Daba to return to the Museum and we eventually found the western face of the house, after following the northern wall for its entire length which (to the missing south-east corner) is around 15 metres. The house was, therefore, rectangular in plan – not square as we had originally thought.

The western face of the house.

It is actually illegal to use a mobile phone while driving here, though the rule seems rarely to be obeyed! I’m not sure if it also applies to donkey-riding……

Riding across the tell while using a mobile phone!

This afternoon we met up with Penny and Rebecca for pizzas and caught up with their Delta Survey news. They have now moved on from Nashwein to investigate sites nearer to Baltim on the Mediterranean coast.

Jeff’s interview with Delta TV is going to be broadcast this evening at 9pm but we’re not sure if the TV in our hotel room can get Delta TV – we shall have to channel-hop and hope we can find it!

The TV camera filming Jeff last Saturday.

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