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Jeffrey and Patricia Spencer will be working at Tell Buweib for the EES Delta Survey in March/April 2014 and Patricia will be posting regular updates here.

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Kom el-Daba. Last day on site.

Every morning when we arrive at Daba we park our car on the edge of the tell behind a half-finished house belonging to one of the site guards, where we have our second breakfast break at 11am. The house isn’t decorated or fully furnished but the room we use does have a canaba (a wooden bench), a bed and a desk with a black-and-white television.

Our hire car parked on the edge of the tell, with a small modern cemetery behind.

The desk and television in the unfinished flat where we have been having our second breakfast this season. During one of our breaks we watched part of the funeral of Pope Shenouda III.

An impressive dead tree stump close to where we park the car - I have been meaning to photograph it for the past two years!

Today was our last day on site and we spent it recording details, taking final measurements and cleaning walls and sections for photography. Investigating the sections in more detail suggests that the smaller building to the south of our town house is probably contemporary with it, but founded at a higher level as the foundations did not have to support as substantial a structure as those of the town house. Both buildings are almost certainly of the Ptolemaic Period. After we’d finished the final recording work, we backfilled the trench to protect the mud-brick walls.

The building to the south of the town house which we now think is contemporaneous with it.

The cleaned south-east corner of the town house.

Tomorrow we are meeting Magda at the SCA office in Kafr es-Sheikh to complete with Dr Mohammed Abd el-Rafaa (the local SCA Director) the paperwork for the end of the season.

Our team at Kom el-Daba this season, at the end of the work.

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