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Jeffrey and Patricia Spencer will be working at Tell Buweib for the EES Delta Survey in March/April 2014 and Patricia will be posting regular updates here.

Further information on the Egypt Exploration Society’s Delta Survey, which is funded by a grant from the British Academy, can be found at



Kom el-Daba. Signing off.

The aim of the EES Delta Survey is to investigate those tells in the Delta about which little is known - to record surface features, get an idea of the dating of any material and the site in general and carry out surveys. If a site has any significant features, these can then be investigated in more detail. All the information gathered is fed back into the on-line data held on the Society’s website: to inform colleagues and record the current state of sites, many of which are under threat from urban or agricultural expansion. The work that Penny Wilson and her team are currently doing around Lake Burullos is the first stage in this process (gathering information), and the survey which they will start next week at Tell Mutubis is the follow-up stage of more detailed study. When we started fieldwork last year at Kom el-Daba we mapped the site and returned this year to try to establish the nature of the surviving high mounds of mud-brick. Our excavation has shown that these were town houses, probably of the Ptolemaic period. As at so many Delta sites, imagination is needed to envisage what the buildings were like before they were destroyed and in his talk in Mansura Jeff used the following two slides, of well-preserved houses at Karanis and a model, to show what our town houses would have looked like in antiquity.

A mud-brick town house at Karanis in the Fayum and a model of such a house.

Another Karanis town-house, with even the windows preserved.

This morning we went to the SCA Office here in Kafr es-Sheikh to hand in our report and complete the final documentation for the end of the season with the Director, Dr Mohammed Abd el-Rafaa and our Inspector, Magda Zaki. We are very grateful to both for their help and support during the season. Tomorrow morning we shall pack our equipment and start making our way back to Cairo for our flight home on Sunday.

Many thanks to those of you who have followed our updates from Kom el-Daba this season - we hope you have found them interesting!

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